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A radical new visual approach to mapping out business or life-change strategies

Thinking with The Eye’s Mind

This book demonstrates how to successfully review and develop ideas and plans that have yet to fulfil their original promise. It does so by way of a 13-chapter text and two accessible online applications designed for business and personal planning.

After reading this book you’ll come to realize that there is no excuse for letting your best ideas and plans fall by the wayside for lack of an easily employable testing procedure. Not until they have been tested in a special visually-oriented project-planning system called the Universal Template™ (‘U-Template™’).

We invite you to be among the first to download your copy of this book and its accompanying software (currently in beta phase and yes, we’d like to hear from you) free of charge for a limited time. Once you learn how to let your eyes do the work they’re intended to do, you’ll never abandon a worthwhile idea again.

What they are saying
“… an intellectual tour de force.” —Judy Schramm, Director, ProResource

“This is **exactly** what Dr Tom English of the US Navy’s weapons safety board was talking about when he said he wanted to see integrated analyses (plural), rather than separate analyses stapled together with a cover sheet. Zounds my man, you’ve got a breakthrough!!” —Mathew Weilert, Director, The Systems Thinking Institute

“Clearly the structuring of thoughts, knowledge and human interaction into a process and cogent organization is a challenge that is quite ubiquitous. I think your Ford example (on the U-Template) does a great job of highlighting both the problem and solution.” —Michael Loria, Vice President, Corporate and Business Development IBM Security and Mobile. Formerly IBM Business Development Rational Software

This is much more than a project tool. The ability to track the spectrum of information from the data requirements makes it one of the best tools I have seen.” —Cameron Erikson, MVP Healthcare

“I’m impressed with your work and believe it carries significant potential to stimulate interest in the U-Template and the related 10 Pillars…I find valuable insight in the connections you’ve made between improving human cognition and the use of visual/graphic imagery.” —Jay Bitsack, Practice Director, ACORE II (Bus, Tech & TLS Transformation Services)

Thinking with the Eye’s Mind

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About the Author
David Herman is the creator of a number of software products, including the U-Template for business planning and for planning major life-changes. In addition to his decades-long clinical work in paradigmatic psychoanalysis, the author, a former New Yorker now residing in New Zealand, is an award-winning research psychologist and has published articles on mental imagery in both the Psychoanalytic Review (where he was on the editorial board) and the American Imago. He has also organized and presented programs on scientific, cultural and political matters for the Association for Applied Psychoanalysis at the New York Academy of Science.